Our Service

Digitalization Solutions

Keep teams engaged and continue to grow your business with Digitalization Business Apps! Get work done anywhere, at any time.


Our marketing consultant provide useful insight on all marketing aspects and help your business grow. With tons of experience in marketing strategy, media channels, social media marketing and creative design, our marketing consultant have the ability and credibility you are looking for.

Online & Offline Marketing

We provide online & offline marketing solutions such as Pay-Per-Click advertising, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Content Marketing Services, Advertising Campaign, Promotional Materials & etc.

Creative Content /Video

Our team creates content for your product or business that your audience will value, enjoy and share. We provide different types of content/video production such as Content Writing, Brand Stories Telling, Commercial , Interviews, Animation, Livestream & etc.


We provide & conduct training to help you understand the tools and platform we used in the industry today. You will also learn hands on experience such as building and managing a website, optimising your campaigns & etc.


SARAWAKFOCUS, a Digitalization media platform  for Entrepreneur, SME, NGO, Government Agencies to promote their business & services digitally to the audience, locally and globally.