ME Info Media Sdn. Bhd. is a Sarawak incorporated entity established since 2014.  We provide professional support of digital platforms for all types of SME, Corporate, NGO & Government Agencies. 

We focus on transforming the way our clients do business by using our recommended platform. We provide high-value, high-impact services to help our clients achieve successful digital business. 

Our Team approached with our proven delivery methodology to help facilitate the journey of success of organizations. Through our solution, our clients will be able to tackle the challenges that inherently demand change, despite what can seem like impenetrable barriers.


Our initiative is to have a service that properly visualize, customizes, manages, and provides results to help any business grow globally, from small to large. We'll help businesses to expand globally and build client’s presence.


We develop long-term relationships with our clients because we are fully invested in their success. We take the time to get know you and your business. communicating and collaborating with you and your personnel in order to develop a customized solution that fits your long term goals.