Mobile Videography & Creative Content

 23rd September 2023

On Saturday, September 23rd, the Mobile Videography and Creative Content training session unfolded at the Sri Aman Digital Innovation Hub. Guided by the seasoned expert, Liana Puspasari from ME Info Media Sdn Bhd, this course immersed participants in the dynamic world of mobile videography, providing insights into crafting compelling creative content using handheld devices.

The core objective of this training was to equip participants with comprehensive skills in mobile videography, enabling them to produce engaging and visually captivating content. Attendees gained hands-on experience in harnessing the power of their mobile devices to create high-quality videos and unleash their creativity in the digital landscape.

This interactive training session fostered a collaborative atmosphere, encouraging participants to share ideas and explore innovative techniques in mobile content creation. Real-world examples and case studies were incorporated to illustrate successful mobile videography strategies, offering practical guidance.

Training Photos