Canva for Educators

 9th September 2023

On Monday, September 11th, the Canva for Educators training session unfolded at the Serian Digital Innovation Hub. Facilitated by the esteemed instructor, Liana Puspasari from ME Info Media Sdn Bhd, this course immersed participants in the transformative realm of Canva tailored specifically for educational purposes.

The primary objective of this training was to equip participants with an in-depth understanding of leveraging Canva's features for educational content creation. Attendees were empowered to enhance their teaching materials, design engaging presentations, and explore innovative ways to communicate educational concepts effectively.

This unique training session fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging participants to exchange ideas and insights on optimizing Canva for educational settings. Real-world examples and case studies were integrated to showcase successful implementations, providing practical guidance.

Stay tuned for upcoming sessions as we continue to offer leading-edge training experiences. Join us and seize the opportunity to unlock the full potential of Canva for Educators, transforming your teaching approach and creating visually compelling educational content!

Training Photos