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  02, 10 Sept 2020

  About SEA

The Sarawak Entrepreneur Association (SEA) serves as a platform to empower young entrepreneurs in the state by providing them with networking opportunities across diverse industries. It also aims to establish international connections for its members, fostering a global network of entrepreneurs.

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  SEA Mission

  • Cultivate a greater number of professional entrepreneurs in the state.
  • Act as a bridge connecting entrepreneurs with the government.
  • Understand and address the needs and feedback of entrepreneurs.
  • Play an active role in providing feedback to the government for the enhancement of policies.
  • Provide a networking platform for entrepreneurs from diverse industries in Sarawak.
  • Establish international networks for SEA members and Sarawak entrepreneurs.
  • Facilitate collaborations between other entrepreneurial associations and business organizations.
  • Contribute to the economic progression of the state by promoting growth and development.

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